'European Odyssey' by Ralph Lavelle

In 2015 we took a year and a half out of our lives in Australia to travel throughout Europe with our two boys, couchsurfing and doing work exchanges when we could, the better to meet real people and see real places. From a four-month stay on a Greek island, during which Grexit nearly happened, to a longer stay in Ireland, during which Brexit definitely did (well, the referendum passed, anyway) and Tina learned to play the concertina.

We went camping in Poland. We helped grout an old mill house in Provence. We had a shit time working in a B&B in Piedmont. We froze in Bratislava and Budapest, visited Templar castles in Portugal and France, and sold a house in Connemara, on the west coast of Ireland. And the kids had to get up and go to school, in both Greece and Ireland. Oh, and I had to find a job to pay for it all.

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