Show Your Kids the World

Hi there! Have you ever felt like you'd like to make your travels more interesting by combining work and travel? Or by meeting local people and staying with them.

We're Tina and Ralph, and with our kids Alexander and Eoin we've begun to experiment with family volunteer opportunities, or hospitality exchange, or whatever you want to call it, and we can tell you that it's an enriching experience, for everyone involved.

Work abroad for families and meet local people

There are plenty of volunteer opportunities to stay with local people if you want to travel in a more interesting way. Other peoples' kids want other kids to hang out with. It could be your kids. In our travels it was the connections with local families that we found the most rewarding.

Why not stay with a host family? Your kids can play with theirs, and the whole family gets to experience a new culture with some locals.

On this site you'll find a range of people, whether you're looking for families in the United States, or people to stay with in Queensland, Australia.

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