About us

Who we are

Hi! We're Ralph, Tina, Alex and Eoin. Back in 2015 we set off to live and travel in Europe for 18 months. It was our big family adventure and we'd been planning it for years.

The only problem was we didn't have much money! But we weren't going to let that stop us.

So we decided to do things differently. We became members of a work exchange program where in exchange for a certain amount of work per day your host provides food and accommodation. Suddenly long term travel became a possibility. On our first stay we spent almost a month in Austria - mainly in Vienna with a few side trips.


And our budget for four people? 40 euros a day. Yep - and we had a brilliant time! Not only did we get to stay in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but we lived with a local family, we learnt about real life in Austria and local recommendations and our kids became friends.

Our next hosts were in Poland. No, it wasn't on our travel itinerary either, until we found a wonderful family who were looking for an english-speaking family to spend time together. Our only job was to talk to their children in English. This was more of a cultural exchange and because of that fact we contributed towards our food expenses (which doesn't come to much in Poland). We even spent a wonderful week with them traveling around northern Poland and camping by the lakes. We've made lasting friends... our kids had an amazing time... and once again we saw parts of the country most tourists would never find.

Unfortunately most work exchange programs aren't set up for families. It took hours and hours and hours of work to find hosts willing to take a family.

There had to be an easier way - so we decided to create "Show Your Kids the World". To show families that you don't need a lot of money to travel. In fact money can get in the way of you having the wonderful experiences you have when you stay with locals. No 5* hotel can offer you that.